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Plano Art Classes

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Plano Art ClassesIf you are an art lover and you are looking for a creative environment to fine tune your art skills or to discover your artist within then you are in luck. There is this place just outside of Plano, Texas where you can take a painting class while you drink and socialize with friends. It is more like a painting party and everyone goes home with a masterpiece. If you want great art but do not want to pay a great big price then how about learning to paint your own great art for the price it costs to buy the materials?

Arlington Art Class

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Arlington Art ClassPainting is fun but painting a masterpiece with friends while dancing and drinking wine is a blast. There is a place where you will can paint like a master while you drink. Most people can’t believe their eyes when they finish the event. Most people do not know they have an artist within. Most people are shocked when they go home with great art and a feeling of accomplishment. Most people would think I am making this up but it is for real and it is not to far away from you now.

Texas Art Education

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There are a lot of serious art schools in the state of Texas but if you are looking for an art education that is more laid back and fun then you need to check out Painting with a Twist. This is a venue that holds painting classes for those who are looking to start off learning to paint or those who have been doing it for a while and just need a place to paint without the mess of having your own studio space.

What to do Dallas Texas?

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If you are looking for something to do in Dallas and everything seems like such a bore then this is because you are not looking in the right place. To make sure you are looking in the right place I need to ask you a few questions.

Do you like art?

Do you like a good party?

Do you like to paint on canvas?

Would you like to paint your own masterpiece while drinking wine and socializing?

Art Institute of Texas with a Twist

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Located just 30 minutes north of Dallas Texas in Grapevine is a little gem. It is an art institute with a twist. This isn’t your typical art and design school. You do not need a portfolio to apply or a fancy paint brush. You do not have to sign up for an entire semester or even a quarter of a semester. It is for one night and one night only. The twist is the little secret. That secret is BYOB. Yes, Bring Your Own Beverage or Alcohol. They offer this because everyone is adults and this is a great way to relax and have a good time while you paint.

McKinney Texas Art Class and a Bottle!

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Looking for something different to do in McKinney Texas, then book an art class with Painting with a Twist McKinney. There you can have fun, drink some wine and paint a picture. Painting with a Twist is part art class and all fun. Talented artists will show you step by step how to paint like a pro. When it is all over you will bring home a piece of art that you created.

Painting with a Twist and Groupon.com

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If you haven’t heard about Groupon.com then you need to check it out. What you do is sign up to receive their alerts of featured businesses in your area. Make sure your location is covered because they are not covering the entire country yet. Once you have signed up then you will receive an alert when they feature a local business. During the beginning of the New Year Groupon.com featured the Painting with a Twist Grapevine store.

Art Classes Frisco Tx

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Looking to start taking art classes in Frisco Texas? Well look no further, Painting with a Twist is now in McKinney, Texas only 20 minutes away from Frisco. If you live in the Dallas area or in Frisco then check them out in McKinney. Painting with a Twist is the latest craze in the arts and entertainment world. It started in New Orleans Louisiana and is taking over the country. What makes it so popular is that anyone can do it. It is for all skill levels and it is addicting. Once you take your first class you will be hooked because not only can you bring in your own alcoholic beverage but you will leave with a total feeling of accomplishment.